Rad-X Filter®

It’s time for big improvements

The Rad-X filter® is cheaper than a power filter and helps imaging centers maximize their uptime and minimize costs. Run your operations smoother, cheaper, and better than ever before with the Rad-X filter® We’ll help you be your best.

Here’s what real Rad-X customers have to say:

Dave Dickey

Corporate Director of Clinical Engineering

“… I have been installing Rad-X Filters for more than ten years… In the final analysis, McLaren Health is very pleased with the benefits we have derived from our Rad-X filtration products.”

Housni Hariri

Director of Imaging Services

“We have been using Rad-X Filters for many years in our diagnostic imaging department…. We are confident that the Rad-X Filters have significantly helped …by reducing the costs associated with fewer circuit boards and Tube replacements”

Edward Lord

Director of Facilities and Clinical Engineering

… I was responsible for … Rad-X Filters for many years…we challenged the third party CT service provider to share in the cost savings …after the
first year, they wrote (us) a check (for) $37,000.
A similar amt was returned in the 2nd year; it became routine to apply Filters..


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As the former clinical engineering manager for TriMedx…I employed Rad-X Filters…I am confident that the hospital’s investment in this unique filtration system has paid for itself many times over.

Jim Bowles
Strategic Business Director

Let’s improve your

imaging center’s uptime