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Why Power Quality is Important

All electronic equipment operates on AC power. The AC power supply generates and also delivers electrical disturbances to the sensitive equipment.






Power quality is a serious concern

Since the introduction of sensitive digital electronic equipment in the 1960ís, Power Quality (PQ) problems have been a serious concern. At the core of the problem is a basic incompatibility between electronic equipment and the alternating current (AC) power supply that serves it. Consider the following: All electronic equipment is sensitive to electrical disturbances. All electronic equipment operates on AC power. The AC power supply generates and also delivers electrical disturbances to the sensitive equipment. See the problem? There are many sources of electrical disturbances from both outside and inside your facility. Some of the more dramatic outside sources include lightning, utility circuit breaker re-closures, capacitor bank switching, utility related accidents and equipment failures. Within the facility, sources include air conditioning systems, elevators, fluorescent lighting, variable speed motor drives, as well as a surprising number of end-use equipment such as radiology and oncology systems, manufacturing and assembly line equipment, and robotics, to name just a few. In addition to electrical disturbances, there are a variety of other environmental issues that can affect the operation of your equipment. Examples include static electricity, radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, temperature, and humidity.

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70% of problems attributable to power quality issues

In the 1970ís, computer manufacturers became aware that 70% or more of the problems affecting the operation of their computer systems were related to PQ issues. Several of these manufacturers instituted aggressive PQ management programs. The results were astonishing: virtually every site that was addressed exhibited a dramatic decline in service requirements. This meant significant operational improvements for the users, as well as significant reductions in cost for the service provider. Truly a win, win situation.

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Today's electronics are more sensitive

Forty years later PQ problems have not changed. In fact, the digital electronics of today are even more sensitive than ever before. The simple reason for this is the continual demand for smaller and faster equipment. While the manufacturers strive to meet this demand, the price for their progress continues to be an increasing sensitivity to PQ issues.

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APQS can help you create the proper operating environment

In the final analysis, the performance of your critical business equipment will only be as good as the operating environment that you create for it. APQS is committed to helping you create and maintain that proper operating environment. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We appreciate the opportunity to provide service and look forward to working with you in the near future.

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