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Reduce Imaging, Radiology, and Oncology Equipment Service Costs and Improve Up Time

With the Rad-X Medical Power Filtration System® (Rad-X Filter), you can dramatically reduce your imaging, radiology, and oncology equipment service costs. We guarantee it.

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Don't seal in high frequency noise and voltage disturbances!

Traditional power quality solutions such as UPS, TVSS and transformer-based Power Conditioners are not designed to eliminate disturbances generated by the protected system itself. These devices are designed to create a sphere of protection around the system and keep the so called bad power out. In the case of imaging, radiology and oncology equipment, however, the bad power is already inside and the sphere can actually make the problem worse!






Keep your imaging, radiology, and oncology equipment working longer and stronger. Contact us today!

Normal operation can harm your expensive equipment!

Significant bursts of current are demanded to produce X-rays. The electrical system�s response to this demand is high frequency electrical noise and voltage impulses. These disturbances, which are a normal by-product of the X-ray process, can have a dramatic impact on the performance and service needs of the very systems that produce them. Find out why power quality is important. These high frequency voltage disturbances can also impact the operation of neighboring systems that share common electrical distribution.


We are proud to announce that Rad-X Medical Power Filtration System® (Rad-X Filter) is now a registered trademark.